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Surefire created the first weapon mounted, lightweight and intense light used by Law Enforcement professionals during low light operations. This innovative concept has transformed low light operations making it common practice for Special Operations Forces to use the dark for an advantage. Surefire also is a developer of the original laser technology utilized in concert with weapon sights. Lives and missions are always on the line when SureFire Weapon Lights are utilized and the Surefire team has been developing the standard for over thirty years. Surefire lights are designed to be utilized as critical gear in harsh and unforgiving environments not usually encountered by many on this earth. Soldiers and marines on the frontlines as well as law enforcement professionals and special operations teams rely on the Surefire absolute pledge to innovate, develop and produce the best for our best. Independent citizens who take self defense and preparedness seriously know that the Surefire Light � weapon mounted or handheld is a dependable and top notch tool for self sufficiency.