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Fox Outdoor FranklinManzellaMechanix

AFMO is proud to continue our tradition of excellence by offering our customers only the very best purpose-built gear for the tasks and missions they have to complete. We take pride in providing our customers from nation�s law enforcement officers, military groups, special forces operators, soldiers, hunters, avid outdoorsmen, and other individuals with the best selection of quality gear to outfit themselves from head to toe. Or in this case, from fingers to toes.

We offer a wide selection of gloves, including shooting gloves, tactical gloves, combat gloves, as well as military gloves, fire resistant gloves, and more from trusted brands like Mechanix Wear, Franklin, Manzella, and others.

Our selection of tactical gloves is great for SWAT members, spec ops soldiers, and others with very demanding missions and tasks. With armored knuckles, reinforced seams, and contoured designs, these gloves will help you get the job done and protect your hands day in and day out. Our combat and shooting gloves are a little less aggressive, yet still provide protection and added grip strength to your hands while not impeding range of motion for your trigger finger.