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Condor CBT Bungee Sling, A-TACS

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Condor CBT Bungee Sling A-TACS
Condor Tactical
AFMO carries a variety of gun slings for rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and similar weapons. Each rifle sling we carry is hand-picked by the experts at AFMO to ensure it meets our standards of quality, durability, and functionality. Our mission is to ensure every piece of gear is purpose-built to meet and exceed the needs and demands of those who use it. If a product does not meet our standards, we do not offer it to our customers; it�s as simple as that. We choose every tactical rifle sling, single point sling, and double point rifle slings with the same care and consideration ensuring we offer our customers only the very best mission critical gear.

The oldest and most common is the double point sling, which has two connection points that connect to the front and rear of the weapon. This set up allows the user to carry the weapon over their back, around their neck, or over one shoulder. A two point tactical rifle sling can also be used as a shooting aid while standing, crouching, or laying in prone. Single point rifle slings are designed to be used for over the shoulder carrying, and allow the shooter to switch from shooting off of their right shoulder to their left, and vice versa. This provides a tactical advantage when shooting around corners or from barricades. Also, with a single point sling, the user can drop the weapon (possibly to draw a handgun) and have it dangle at their side, which cannot be done with a double point sling. A single point rifle sling is best for short term tactical use, as it is not designed for long distance carrying like a two point sling that can be used to carry a weapon on your back.