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Maxpedition Tear Away Map Case with GPS Pocket

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Maxpedition Tear Away Map Case with GPS Pocket

MOLLE is the military acronym for �Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment� which is a load bearing system of interconnected gear and pouch components that was originally developed in 1988 and came into widespread military use after the September 11th 2001 attacks. This load carrying system offers soldiers, marines, and special forces professionals options and versatility depending on the situation they are going into, or find themselves in. The most common MOLLE pouches used in the battlefield are for ammunition, sidearm magazines, grenades (40mm, frag, smoke and flash bang), hydration, first aid, as well as dump/utility, radio and flashlight pouches of which AFMO offers a wide variety of each.

The ability to choose pouches and pockets for specific missions and quickly attach them to vests, packs, bags, plate carriers, thigh rigs, or chest rigs has become a must for many tactical and combat situations. Being able to gear up and move out quickly always provides a tactical edge in any combat situation where precious minutes, and even seconds count. MOLLE pouches are also offered in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns which provides additional tactical benefits depending on the situation.

AFMO carries a wide variety of pouches for all mission-critical situations from top brands like Maxpedition, Condor, Blue Force Gear, & more. Within an extensive selection of mag pouches, utility pouches, and many other tactical MOLLE pouches, you are sure to find something to meet your needs on your next mission. Each MOLLE pouch, regardless of manufacturer is designed to be used in the"Pouch Attachment Ladder System" or PALS for short, so be confident that your selections will be compatible with any pack or rig you intend to use them with.