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AFMO carries a wide selection of the best Army ACU boots from trusted brands like Danner, Rocky, Corcoran, Converse, and more.  ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform, and is the standard uniform used in any combat or training situation that uses the universal camouflage pattern, and classic tan Army boots.  As you can see from our selection, each boot offered here meets the Army�s regulations for ACU boots
The current Army ACU calls for pants, jacket, t-shirt, and headgear all in the universal camouflage pattern; and tan boots with moisture wicking socks to complete the ensemble.  In order to comply with Army regulations, Army uniform boots must have a height of at least eight inches, be completely made of tan cattle hide leather with tan rubber outsoles.  Additionally, Army boots may not have any zippers, metal cleats, or any side tabs.  This of course leaves a lot of room for variations, especially in the quality of materials used.

If you�re looking for a solid and dependable ACU boot that will last through countless missions and thousands of miles of rough terrain, take a closer look at our selection of Danner boots.  Danner has been crafting the highest quality boots since 1935 completely by hand right here in the United States.  They manufacture each and every boot by hand using the best of the best materials to the highest possible quality standards.  If you want the best Army boots, made right here in the good old USA, look no further than Danner!