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In 2010 , Digital Concealment Systems introduced a radically new camouflage pattern  A-TACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment System). A-TACS is striking , distinctive, effective by design and it is protected by a copyright. Currently, there are two variants of A-TACS Camouflage, the A-TACS Original or AU (Arid Urban) and the A-TACS FG (Foliage Green).
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Tru-Spec Tactical Cap

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Tru-Spec Tactical Cap
A-TACS camouflage uses chameleon type characteristics to assimilate into the surroundings. The key to this natural stealthy performance is its pattern within a pattern. The digital pattern within a pattern concept allows A-TACS camouflage to distort the outline of the human body and utilize color palettes of the common shades found in the target environment. Currently, A-TACS AU excels in an arid and or urban environment, and the A-TACS FG will perform flawlessly in a foliage rich, upland or forest environment. A-TACS will blend with real world elements. The camouflage pattern uses organic pixels to create the camouflage pattern, and this is an upgrade from the Army Digital Camouflage and USMC Digital Camouflage which utilized square pixels.

AFMO.com has assembled an excellent A-TACS selection to outfit the customer who values concealment as crucial. Propper, Condor and Snugpak are the core manufacturers producing the innovative products utilizing A-TACS. Our A-TACS offerings are always expanding and more dedicated operators and outdoorsmen come to appreciate A-TACS performance.