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What are dogtags?

Dogtags are small, metal tags worn by military personnel for identification purposes. Worn on a metal chain around the neck, dogtags are stamped with the wearer's full name and other important identifying information. In addition to identifying dead or wounded soldiers, dogtags are useful for noting medical conditions that require special attention.

How do soldiers wear dogtags?

Soldiers are required to wear dogtags at all times while in the field. The tags are worn in pairs and are designed to be easily broken intwo pieces: one can be collected and used to notify families while the other remains attached to the body for identification purposes if it cannot be immediately removed from the battlefield.

What information can be found on soldiers' dogtags?

Most military branches' dogtags bear similar information. In the United States, Air Force dogtags, USMC dogtags, Navy dogtags, and Army dogtags are inscribed with first name, middle initial, last name, social security or service number, religion, and blood type. Air Force dog tags also include "AF" after the social security number to indicate branch of service, and USMC dog tags include gasmask size and a red medical tag to indicate any allergies.

Who else wears Dogtags?

Dogtags recently began appearing as a fashion accessory among youth. Some wear dogtags as part of a military uniform to appear tough or militaristic, while others inscribe them with believes, tastes, favored quotations, or names of a girlfriend or role model.

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