Snugpak Special Forces Zip Baffle

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*This item does not include the Special Forces Bags.*

Part Numbers

  • 91127 Olive
  • 91124 Black
  • 91177 Tan
  • 91134 Coyote

  • The following is a description of the Special Forces Bags:

    A modular system comprising of the special Forces 1 based on our Softie 3 Merlin for use above freezing and the Special Forces 2 the British Military standard for use in the Norwegian snow. Both bags come with their own stuff sack, reinforced foot and quick release center zip, for when you need to get out of your sleeping bag in a hurry. Supplied with an extra zip baffle to allow both bags to be used together and retain the convenience of closing and opening with one quick release zip. When used together the bags perform in the same way as the Softie 15, sometimes the sum is greater than all the parts. Extra compression sack supplied to house the complete system.

    Using a new and unique center "zip-in" baffle, System 1 and System 2 can be zipped together resulting in an extreme temperature bag.

    Special Forces 1 Special Forces 2 Special Forces
    Complete System
    Weight: 28 oz. Weight: 56 oz. Weight: 90 oz.
    Packs to: 11"x6" Packs to: 17"x13" Packs to: 19"x15"
    Comfort at --> 41 F Comfort at --> 18 F Comfort at --> 5 F
    Low --> 32 F Low --> 10 F Low --> -4 F