Afmo tactical bio

Our History, established in 1997, was the first online source for military and outdoor gear. We are proud of our fifteen-year tenure and look forward to the next fifteen with optimism. Technology has evolved, but our core principles endure.

We have been servicing military, outdoor and law enforcement footwear, clothing and gear markets for thirty-four years. His first ten years were spent as a designer and manufacturer of military, outdoor and tactical clothing and uniforms. Since 1988 devoted his efforts to servicing retail and government agency customers.

Why Buy AFMO™™ places emphasis on Purpose-Built gear—products that are conceived, designed, manufactured, marketed and sold to enhance our customers' performance and safety FIRST; price is secondary. Our purpose-built gear is sturdier and features higher grade materials, as well as superior stitching and workmanship, with a better fit & finish than value-engineered products. One correctly researched purpose-built product will replace multiple mediocre value-engineered products.

"Value-engineered" means cheaper products that are designed, manufactured, marketed and sold at an attractive price, but at the expense of performance and safety. This is where corners are cut as manufacturers and retailers believe they can entice discriminating customers into low-cost but low-quality products. Many "big box" store and internet retail private label programs are "value-engineered."

Our Mission

We supply Absolute Gear Confidence in every™ box of tactical and tactically-inspired gear leaving our warehouse. We welcome your phone calls, emails and instant messages to discuss your requirements with our in-house team of gear experts. Call us at 1-800-282-3327 or email We devote extra time and resources to discussing product in detail with our customers.

This is our passion. We can cover:

  • Fabric, Materials and Workmanship
  • Fit and Finish
  • Attention to Detail in Design and Production
Our staff is diligent in our approach to quality gear. We never stop researching and learning in our pursuit to supply our customers with products only from manufacturers who stand out from the herd. We will enthusiastically and thoroughly assist you in analyzing and evaluating options as well as selecting an item, as we strive to supply Absolute Gear Confidence with every purchase.