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April 9, 2013
Gore-Tex Waterproof fabrics

Gore-Tex has been evolving recently!
Currently Gore-Tex offers the following membrane products:    

  • Gore-Tex Pro - designed for fanatic outdoor participants who require durable waterproof protection in colder and extreme environments including ice climbing, mountaineering [...read more..]
  • Blue Force Gear
    February, 2013
    Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig

    Blue Force Gear currently produces 100% of their Tactical Gear product series right here in the USA. They are a family owned, hard working, product centric and customer focused company located in Georgia. One remarkable aspect is although they do business in an extremely competitive market where Chinese made imports are common and there is "no bottom" to price, the company grows year in and year out. Why? [...read more..]

    Tactical Gear
    December, 2012

    Many of our customers who look to AFMO.com as a primary gear resource do so as a result of our extensive Tactical Gear, clothing and footwear selection. Tactical is an attitude,[...read more..]

    Blade Shapes
    August, 2012
    Zero Tolerance Ranger Knife Green Folder SpeedSafe
    If you're getting a knife, it's important to pick the right style for your needs. There are lots of variations, but here is a rundown of the major blade shapes you'll see for tactical and hunting purposes:[...read more...]
    Reebok Combat Boots
    November, 2012
    Reebok Combat Boots
    All boots in this line have a dual density oil and slip resistant outsole and EVA cushion midsole with rubber grip tread. EVA is not as durable as polyurethane, but the boots do have polyurethane cushions at the heel and ball of the foot for shock absorption and a polyurethane liner[...read more...]
    Lowa Zephyr
    July, 2012
    Reebok Combat Boots
    The Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid AF Commando Sage is set to be released in February and is available for pre-order. AFMO.com helped develop these and has an exclusive on them. This boot is a new option for Air Force personnel (although anyone who likes comfort will appreciate it).[...read more...]
    SnugPak Sleeping Bags
    August, 2012
    SnugPak Sleeping Bags
    I wrote about Snugpak before, but didnít go into too much detail about any of their products. So here is a look at their most extensive line of sleeping bags: the Snugpak Softie Sleeping Bag Series. [...read more...]
    Weatherproof vs. Breathable Gear
    September, 2012
    Weatherproof vs. Breathable Gear
    Deciding between waterproof or breathable gear is important, so hereís my take on it. There are basically two name brand options and then various similar products: Gore-Tex and Dri-Lex. Both are breathable and moisture wicking. [...read more...]
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